Musicality: connecting students with teachers

Musicality icon Musicality is a platform that connects students and teachers of private music lessons, using the mobile phone.

  • The current version of the platform is a proof of concept, fully functional (prototype).
  • You can take a look at the presentation page (in Spanish).
  • The app was developed with Ionic Framework and is available for iOS and Android.

Muki: Code Generation

Muki is a tool that facilitates the integration of iOS applications with JEE applications through RESTful services. Starting from the description of the service, Muki generates all the code needed to perform the HTTP communication and data serialization. The code generated by Muki is 100% clean, readable and is easily integrated into the applications.

The entire HTTP communication process and data serialization and conversion between the server and client applications is done automatically by the generated classes.

Muki is an open source tool and is available on GitHub

Mindix iOS / OSX

Mindix icon Mindix offers a very simple, clean and organized environment to capture ideas and take notes while conducting brainstorming sessions. Mindix allows you to create text and image entries and make connections between them to express ideas and concepts in your mind maps. There are 2 versions of the application:

  • Mindix for iPad: especially designed for creating and editing maps on the touchscreen of the iPad.

  • Mindix for Mac: designed for creating and editing maps by dragging the nodes with the mouse and typing on the keyboard.

If you use Mindix, feel free to email me your comments: