Hi there, welcome to my place on the Internet. My name is Gabriel Casarini and I'm a software architect. I live in Madrid and I have been building and integrating software of all kinds for many years: web applications, mobile apps, web services and chatbots. Since last year I have been dedicated to my own project: MuchCalendar, a platform for managing classes and mentoring sessions.

What I do

As an architect, I lead the technical execution of agile projects focusing on the value delivered to clients and users. Most of the projects I have participated in serve hundreds of people.

A few things about me

Although I currently live in Madrid, I grew up in Trenque Lauquen, a city in the middle of the vast pampas in Argentina. I studied at the National University of La Plata and in France and I also lived in Belgium for a few years. In 2016 I did the Programa de Dirección TIC e Innovación Digital (IE) and the Programa Ejecutivo de Diseño y Crecimiento para Empresas del Sector Creativo (IED) in 2017.

Some of my projects

Technologies and methodologies

Back-end: web services, APIs RESTful, SOA, Java, Spring, JPA, Hibernate, NodeJS, JWT, Swagger, SQL, MongoDB, Amazon Web Services. Front-end: Angular5, ES6, Typescript, other frameworks. Mobile development: native and hybrid apps (Swift, ObjC, ReactNative, Ionic). Recently I have been developing chatbots (Microsoft BotFramework).

In addition, I'm an unconditional fan of agile methodologies and automation of development processes. In my projects I have worked with TDD, Scrum, Lean and several XP practices. I love teaching and being a technological evangelist. For my role as an architect, I am always mentoring and training the development teams.

Get in touch

I'm eager to take on new challenges to apply my experience. My CV is available here . If you want to bounce an idea with me, talk about a project or just want to grab a beer, contact me: