Gabriel My name is Gabriel Casarini and I grew up in Trenque Lauquen, a town in the middle of the Pampas, in Argentina. I studied at the Universidad de La Plata and France and later on I lived several years in Belgium. For some years now I live in Madrid.

All this time, one of my greatest passions has been, and still is, the software engineering. One way or another I’ve always been more closely related to the phases of design, development and application architecture, but I would also like to engage in other aspects of the projects. Currently, I am interested in the subject of mobile devices and have made ​​some inroads in this area with my side projects. Apart from that, I also like traveling, learning to play the piano and read about very different topics. As for trends and and technology news, I follow Ars Technica, Fast Company, Slashdot, infoQ, Hacker News (Y Combinator), TechCrunch and more. Twitter is definitely out of the list :)

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Mi professional CV is available here (in Spanish)

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